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Internal Wall Removal: Creating openings in internal or completely removing them may be required to change the layout, create a large room, open up two rooms onto each other to create open space kitchen diner. The first question would be: "is the wall structural?" This would depend on the layout of the house, the way the floors and walls above are supported and the location of the wall within the house. Some stud partition (timber) walls were used in period properties to carry loads and they support walls above them as well as joists of the floor above them. Some masonry walls are just separation partitions and carry no load.

Internal walls could be used to support loads from above or could be used to "buttress" party/flank walls. Making an opening in a load-bearing (structural) wall requires a structural engineer to design an alternative way to support such loads. The engineer may specify a concrete lintel, a timber beam or a steel beam; to ensure the loads being previously carried out by the wall are safely re-distributed. In some cases, a frame is required rather than just a beam.

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